Real money online slot machines are a fun and cheap way to have some fun. Having made your mind up in regards to playing slot games online, you are going to have thousands of different types of slot games at your disposal. As the online slot playing world can often overwhelm players, we have compiled a complete and in-depth guide to playing online slot games.

Feel free to have a long hard look through this guide for it will enable you to make a more informed decision on not only where you play online slot games but also the exact type of slot games you are looking to play.

Questions on Playing Real Money Online Slot Machines

  • Can you play slots online for real money?  Yes you can and it is perfectly legal.
  • What states can you play online slots for real money? All  of them
  • Can you win real money on online slots? Yes Just like you can in a land based casino
  • How do online slots work? Read our site and find out

Online Slot Machines

Types of Real Money Online Slot Machines

It is true to say that when you access a U.S. online casino like Bovada you will often find more Real Money Online Slot Machines on offer than you could ever hope to play in one session. Fortunately this means that you will always find the slot games you are looking to play. You will never be forced to play just any old slot!

Below we have listed the full range of all of the different slot game categories that are readily available online. Along with an overview and description of those types of slot, you will discover there are plenty of slot games to choose from!

Video Slots

The most exciting type of Real Money Online Slot Machines you can play are those boasting five reels, these are of course the type of slot games which can award you with one or more bonus features and/or rounds and are the most sought after slots available. Of all the software providers Real Time Gaming Has the best video slots.

The beauty of video slot games is that they all come with lots of completely unique features including some with a small number of pay line options and some with thousands of pay lines on offer, some come with multiple bonus games and some may award just one or even no bonus games.

The themes of the bonus video slots are another attraction of playing these types of games and you will often find video slots named after and based on pop stars, film stars or even books and films!

3 Reel Slots

The easiest slot games to play and understand are often the 3 reel slots. These are Real Money Online Slot Machines which as their name suggests come with 3 reels and come with a simple spin the reels and hope for a winning combination type of game playing structure.

There are a tiny handful of 3 reel slots which come with a bonus type game but these are few and far between and if such a slot does offer a bonus round then it is often only a very basic one such as a wheel spinning round. From feedback we get from our readers, it seems for the best 3 reel slots check out rival slot software.

3D Slots

You will find some online casinos, namely those that utilize BetSoft Gaming’s platform and range of games offer you 3D slot games, these types of slots come with their own unique themes and playing features however they have been designed to offer high definition 3D graphics.

Fruit Machines

More and more casino sites online are adding a range of Fruit Machine games to their gaming platforms, these types of slot games are 3 reel slots which are based on the land based games found across the UK.

What makes these games appealing and popular with players is that they offer lots of game playing features and bonus rounds which add much higher levels of entertainment to your gaming sessions.

Progressive Slots

The one thing that all progressive slot games share is that when playing any of them you have the chance to win one or even more than one live progressive jackpot. The way in which these jackpots are awarded will vary from machine to machine.

Some will require you to play a maximum coin/line bet to have any chance of winning the jackpot by lining up the jackpot paying winning combination on one of the paylines and some progressive slots can award their jackpots at random to any real money player playing that game at any one moment.